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WebinarHD Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of WebinarHD software:

Running a webinar is one simple, but powerful method to get more customers and increase your conversion rates. Unlike streaming videos, in a webinar, you can get instant feedback from potential customers, and close the sales immediately.

WebinarHD is the first webinar platform with dynamic layouts. You can choose the type of screen to be displayed to make the interactions with the audience much more effective.

Here are some of the things that WebinarHD can do for you:
– The dynamic layout will surely impress your audience and boost the conversion rates. This is the first kind of webinar platform that allows dynamic layout.
– Attract your subscribers from Youtube or Facebook live broadcasts.
– Use the WebinarHD platform to build your list of buyers.
– Play pre-recorded videos during your live webinar. Then, chat with your prospects to remove any doubt for the sale.

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WebinarHD Full review

More attendees with a high-converting registration funnel:
– Your attendees can register via Google or Facebook account if they want to. No need to type their emails.
– The registration page is 100% done-for-you. No hassle to design the page on your own.
– The participants can easily add the webinar event into their online calendar right from the thank you page.
– Once the registrants arrive at the event, they will be sent to the Waiting Room Page, where they can chat with you or other co-hosts.
– Live chat is included in case the attendees want to ask questions, get feedback and give suggestions.
– Custom videos can be added to the pages. You can let the audience take the required call to actions on each page.
– Stream your videos live on Youtube or Facebook. Which means more traffic and registrants into your webinar event.


Better tracking and recording. Easier for you to improve the performance in the future.
The WebinarHD tracks and records everything during the live webinar event.

– Once the webinar starts, the WebinarHD software will start recording everything. You can then choose to share the recording as a replay, whether via email or Youtube.
– Webinar recordings can be downloaded, save in mp4 format, edited or perhaps upload it to any video sharing websites online.
– Record the chat history from your attendees for future reference.
– Just like the webinar presentation itself, the chat history can be downloaded in a text file.
– Then, you can analyze the quality of the webinar based on the attendee feedback and suggestions.

More engagement and conversions
– The Dynamic Layout allows you to choose the type of screen that the audience is going to see.

– Track and view the total number of people who registered and then who really participate.
– Once you know the stats about the “Sign up Rate”, “Show Up Rate” and Engagement Rate”, you will be able to improve the webinar quality over time.
– Play pre-recorded videos during the live webinar. Just fetch any pre-recorded videos from the web or your own computer and then play during the webinar. You don’t need to speak by yourself during the live webinar event.
– Upload and present any document during the webinar.

Training materials + Done-for-you voice-over is included:
This part is done specifically for beginners.
– The creator, Kimberly will voice over 1 webinar per month for a low monthly fee.
– A 6-week training plus monthly coaching calls are included. Discover the best way to combine WebinarHD and then plan for High Ticket Sales.
– The training will cover techniques to sell between $297 – $5000 product on a webinar with success.

My killer WebinarHD bonus, unique complementary bonus

As a way to say thanks, I am offering you these products as a bonus. They are not really a part of WebinarHD product, but they can add more value to your purchase.

In other words, you can learn even more useful tips and techniques from these ebook products. Or, you can also sell some of them and keep 100% profits.

These bonus files can be obtained only via email. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

WebinarHD Bonus #1: Webinar Success Formula

Do you have a list of potential customers? Or perhaps you have a new product that you want to introduce to the market? Then, consider running a webinar.

The internet is no longer about Google, Facebook or Youtube these days. People are turning their PC or smartphones also to watch live webinar event.

Here are some of the benefits of running a webinar:
– Expect more sales and conversions after the live event. People who stay at your webinar are eager to buy something from you. Therefore, you can expect them to make the purchase.
– More improvements from your part. During the live webinar, you can ask questions and get feedback from potential buyers. Therefore, you can get the idea what they really want. This information is useful for you to improve your products, services or even your webinar in the future
– Get more viral traffic. Once you’ve held the webinar, you can prove to others that you are a real person. People will trust your company and brand even more. Hence, they will share and talk more about your products or services later on at social media sites.
– Less work from your part. Unlike a live seminar event, a webinar can be held right from the comfort of your home. Or perhaps from your office. You don’t need to prepare the stage.

I know that running a webinar could sound like a complicated task for many of us. This is the reason why you need to watch the Webinar Success Formula video course.

Webinar Success Formula comes with a step-by-step formula to run a webinar, get the traffic and most importantly make the real money from the live webinar event. All the training materials are presented in video format, so anyone can easily follow and understand the concept.

There are a lot of traffic and conversion tactics exposed in this blueprint. Those include how to use joint venture partners to get attendees and tricks to use Facebook for traffic. Plus, you will also learn how successful webinar organizer is able to make a lot of sales.

Even better, the Webinar Success Formula comes with master resell right. So, you can use the sales letter, cover graphics and videos to sell this product like your own. You can keep 100% of its profits if you like.

WebinarHD Bonus #2: WP Sales Robot

We all know that both traffic and conversion are important for online business. This is why lots of businesses are willing to pay thousands of dollars for traffic and conversion.

What if you have access to a software that can increase both conversion and traffic? Even better, what if you can be proud to give away that software like your own?

WP Sales Robot is exactly the software that will increase both conversion and traffic. This is how WP Sales Robot works:

1. Your website visitor will see a hover box offering him/her a special discount code.

2. In order to unlock the code, he/she will have to share your website on Facebook.

3. The majority of your visitors will surely share your website on Facebook because they want to save money.

4. Once he or she unlocks the code, he/she will immediately make the purchase. This is a big chance to save the money.

As the result, you will get more traffic and sales since people share your website and Facebook. Plus, the WP Sales Robot eliminates the buying resistance by offering the same product at a discounted price.

WebinarHD Bonus #3: FBA Profit Mastery

Do you want to leverage Amazon.com website to the fullest? Then, consider learning and profiting from the FBA program.

Here are some reasons why the Amazon FBA program will make you a life-changing income:
– Amazon.com is a trusted brand. Therefore, people will likely buy from you.
– The traffic amount from Amazon.com is not just huge but also targeted. Unlike Google, Amazon.com is the #1 buyer search engine in the world.
– Unlike the Amazon Associate program, you don’t earn a small number of commissions per sale. Instead, you control the price point and sell whatever price that you think the best.
– You can leverage the power of affiliates. Amazon.com has thousands of super affiliates promote products from the marketplace.

While this course is not going to make you rich overnight, the FBA Profit Mastery is going to help you get started. In other words, this video tutorial will expose tons of fundamental aspects of the FBA program.

Some of them are:
– Techniques to source your products.
– Easy methods to find suppliers for the products by using offline media.
– The laws and policy that you should know before start selling.
– Tactics to do local auctions and estate sales by using special tools.
– Extreme rebates and coupon codes are useful for new FBA sellers. Find out why.
– More tips for successful sourcing.

The FBA Profit Mastery is worth thousands of dollars if sold separately and it is free today with the WebinarHD product. Even better, this video tutorial also comes with master resell right. Hence, you can be proud to sell this product and keep 100% of the profits.

WebinarHD Bonus #4: Alibaba Profit System

Alibaba Profit System is another e-commerce bonus offer from me. If you want to build a solid, profitable e-commerce business, you cannot avoid using Alibaba.

However, one big problem with Alibaba is the fact people don’t know how to use it properly. There are so many sellers on the website that newbies might get scammed.

The Alibaba Profit System will guide you through the entire process. While it won’t make you rich overnight, it is still doable. In fact, all the training materials are presented in video format, anyone can follow and understand the concept.

Learn the following lessons and more from this video course:
– The pros and cons of Alibaba and how can you leverage this website to the fullest.
– Steps to open Trade Assurance account and why it is important for you.
– Product research techniques that you should implement.
– Tips and tricks to reduce the risk as a buyer at this marketplace.
– The right approach to negotiate with suppliers for the best deal.
– Techniques to test one sample before ordering the product.
– Checklist of things that you should be doing once the products arrived.
– The reasons why you should be recording the unboxing process via videos.

WebinarHD Bonus #5: High Ticket Authority Gold

Selling high-ticket products is the ultimate way to profit from your website, blog or mailing list. There is nothing wrong with selling a low-ticket product, but if you want a life-changing income, selling high-ticket items is the way to go.

In case you didn’t know, the high-ticket product is anything that you can sell and pay up to $500 per sale. In fact, some of the even pay $2,000 per sale. This could be your own product or an affiliate product.

Yes, some people find out that selling high-ticket items is hard, but that is why you need the High Ticket Authority Gold. This product is more than just a video course. It is actually a complete package to learn the techniques, drive traffic, upsell and then profit.

What’s included inside High Ticket Authority Gold:
– Video lessons, slideshow and audio files. This part is basically about learning how to set up the entire funnel and profit from it.
– 7-day autoresponder series. You can use these swipe emails into your autoresponder account to send into your list.
– Upsell page. This page converts like crazy, and you can upload it to your hosting.
– Free, special report to grow your list. Just use this report as a bribe to invite others into joining your newsletter.
– Affiliate toolbox page. Getting affiliates to promote for you is a must. This toolbox page will include important tools that super affiliates can use to promote your product.
– Social media swipe kit. These are sample messages that you can post into social sites. No hassle to figure out the messages on your own.
– Top forums and blogs. Forums are a great place to attract not only potential customers but also potential affiliate partners. This list can save hours of your time finding the relevant forums on the web.
– Keywords. Other than forums, you can also attract potential customers on Google. This keyword list will give you an idea on what keyword to target on Google for easy, faster traffic.

Steps to claim the above bonus files:
1. Order the WebinarHD product from this website. Click here to visit WebinarHD website and make your purchase.

2. Compose an email with the subject: “Send me the WebinarHD bonus”. Please state the date of purchase and Paypal transaction ID.

3. Send the email to support[at]ironwoodacres.com. Replace [at] with @.

For more information, you can also read this WebinarHD review.

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