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Vidrepurposer review

VidRepurposer Review, Screenshots And Tour Of Members’ Area

Introduction to VidrePurposer

It is no secret that videos play an important role in your online marketing success. With the rise of Youtube, Facebook and other video websites, entrepreneurs cannot neglect the importance of video marketing.

One of the biggest obstacles that stop the majority of marketers from getting video traffic, is the content part. Creating, editing and uploading the video content on Youtube or other video sites is a tiresome process.

This is where software like Vidrepurposer becomes very useful. Vidrepurposer can turn any existing content into a unique video.


Vidrepurposer Features

Vidrepurposer has tons of useful functions to allow you re-use, create, edit and then customize an existing content into a real, unique video.¬† There’s too much features of this app, so I list only a few of them here. If you want to read more, I highly recommend that you also read this¬†Vidrepurposer review.

Commercial license is included for freelancers and agency

Video marketing is getting bigger these days that a lot of clients like clinics, restaurants, plumbers and more need more customers. You can use the Vidrepurposer software to sell your service to existing clients and then impress them.

The beauty of Vidrepurposer is the fact you can create and publish hundreds of videos quickly by using existing text.

Fast-loading software thanks to the cloud-based technology

Have you ever used a standard video maker software on Windows? The problem with this type of software is the fact you need to download and install the program on Windows. If you are using Mac, you cannot operate this software. Then, one Windows-based app usually tends to freeze anytime during the process.

Vidrepurposer doesn’t have all that problems since it is a cloud-based app. You can run and produce a video right away with no installation or download. Plus, the interface is 100% newbie-friendly.

The functions of Vidrepurposer

Publish a video by using URL. No need to upload an existing content:
All you need to do is paste a URL and then this software will fetch the website content. After that, it will be turned into a video. No need to upload an existing video or audio file. You can also paste text into the software dashboard and then let this software convert that for you.

The video spinner function will turn any existing Youtube video into a unique content:
Just paste the Youtube URL and then this software will modify the existing content into a unique video. No need to upload a video of your own.

Convert from an existing video into an article, audios or other formats:
Need an article for your website? Then, you can use an existing Youtube video as the content. Convert the video or tutorial into an article and then paste it into your WordPress site. No need to spend time writing on your own.

Customize each video with an easy-to-use editor:
An easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor is included. Just use this editor as you did with standard WordPress editor or MS Word. You can add images, text and change the font size. You can also add or combine other video clip or audio file.


Done-for-you content are included

Never run out of supply for content. Thousands of royalty-free images and files to choose from:
Members of Vidrepurposer will receive access to thousands of premium stock images and videos. Feel free to use these files in any of your projects. Just enter one keyword and then you will get the access to relevant content.

7 DFY templates are included: This feature will speed up the video creation process. There are 7 pre-loaded templates provided in the user dashboard. Each of these is in different niches like Real Estate, Dentist. Just choose a template, render and publish.



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