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Sqribble review

Sqribble Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of Sqribble product:

Sqribble is the only ebook creator + done-for-you package that you will be needing. If you are publishing ebooks, whether on Clickbank, Udemy or even Amazon Kindle, then Sqribble is for you. In fact, this is a lifetime opportunity for you to build a solid, profitable eBook business.

Sqribble “special” launch day DISCOUNT

Use the coupon code “spock” to get a $3 discount during the launch day. This offer is limited within 24 hours after Sqribble is launched. You will want to bookmark this page (Press Ctrl + D) to grab Sqribble during the launch day.

Sqribble launch date: Nov 5th, 2018

Visit the Sqribble official website | Read our Sqribble review | View our Sqribble bonus

Sqribble full review

What makes Sqribble unique?

You might know about other the eBook creator programs before, but Sqribble is different. It has a lot more features when compared to the rest of eBook creators. This is the best eBook creator + graphic designer ever created.

In fact, Sqribble matches the need of all kind of users whether eBook author, freelancers or affiliate marketers. Why? Because it includes tons of features that allows them to publish, design the eBook covers and then sell the eBook successfully on the internet.

Some of the problems with other eBook maker software:
– They are buggy since you need to run them on PC and only with Windows OS.
– The are lack of features. For example, you need to purchase a separate software to design the eBook cover, and then pay additional cost for the content.
– They only fit certain target audience, that is eBook publisher. If you are a freelancer, most of these eBook creator software is not for you.

Full features of the Sqribble software

I’m going to explain, one-by-one, the features and benefits of Sqribble eBook creator software.

For eBook authors – tons of time saving features are included

Start by choosing a template. No hassle to figure out the eBook design or layout: There are up to 150 professional eBook templates, graphics and ready-made content for all kinds of niches. Use these templates to craft any type of eBooks in any niche imaginable. Best of all, the customers will get 15 new templates being added into their member’s dashboard every month.


Automatic content function: Yes, you can use the Sqribble to fill your eBook with expert content. No need to write a word. Sqribble will pull the content from its library of niche articles, or you can also provide the URL somewhere from the web.

Easy-to-use editor dashboard: Sqribble will automatically design, add content, delete pages and more when you are writing an eBook. This is 100% different when compared to writing the book manually by using standard programs.

For example, this software will automatically add the table of contents, pagination and also headers and footers. Other than that, you can also add images by using a drag-and-drop editor.

Stunning eCovers that will impress your customers: Your customers will judge your eBook and website based on its cover. While other eBook creator software can save the time, but in most cases, it will turn out terrible eCovers for your eBooks. Sqribble fix this problem. The covers provided are impressive. They are professionally-designed. Your customers will instantly look you as a professional who commands trust and authority.

3D eCovers are also provided. Impress your potential customers with the 3D covers: If you don’t use a 3D cover, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. People will judge your eBook by its cover, so writing a quality eBook alone is not enough. You need to impress them.


The good news is, Sqribble also comes with 3D cover maker, which can be used to turn a flat cover into a 3D eCover. No need to purchase a separate cover designer software.

Create flipbooks to gain trust from your potential customers: Most of the eBooks being sold online, let say on Clickbank marketplace are “flat” books. In other words, people cannot look inside, not even a single page, until they’ve made the purchase.

However, flipbooks are different. Your prospects can click, flip and then read a few pages inside. It is like touching and reading a real book. This is one of the best methods to engage your readers. If they enjoy reading or flipping the eBook, they will trust you even more.

Sqribble not only lets you create flipbooks, but also to embed them on your website. Use the flipbook maker feature and after that you will be given a special code to paste into your website.

For freelancers – the Auto Job Finder software is included: Like being said, Sqribble matches all kind of target audience, including freelancers. The features within Sqribble is powerful enough that you can charge thousands of dollars to potential clients out there. The only problem is, you need to find the job to work for. In other words, the potential clients who need the service.

This is where the Auto Job Finder software comes in handy. You can use it to scrap the job-related websites, all of them across the web. And then, find the job in demand, such as ecover designers, ebook authors, copywriting job and more.

[img: autojobfinder]

About the creator of Sqribble

I had been into online marketing for years, and I know a lot about Adeel Chowdhry’s products. Adeel is one of the top Clickbank publishers and super affiliates. He had been marketing online for more than 10 years and most of his products have grossed seven figures in sales, across many networks.

Just before this, Adeel had released Pixel Studio FX, which sold tens of thousands of units all over the world. Pixel Studio FX had received rave reviews and still the best e-cover software today.

Sqribble will take ebook and e-cover creation to the next level. This is more than just graphics software designer. It is actually a complete package to create your own ebooks without writing a word or paying a ghostwriter.

If you want to become super successful with the ebook business, Sqribble should be added to your list of software tools.

My killer Sqribble bonus

Do you want to add more value to your purchase? Then get Sqribble from this website and I will send you the following products. These products are not part of Sqribble product, but they can help you, a lot when comes to internet marketing.

Plus, you can learn lots of useful tips and tricks from my bonus products below. No need to purchase other products or courses to learn them.

These bonus offers are available only when you purchase Sqribble from this website. More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Sqribble Bonus #1: 10 Additional Sqribble templates
[cover here]

If you purchase Sqribble from this page, you will get 10 additional Sqribble templates. This is not available anywhere else. Use these templates to start writing and finally publishing your own eBooks.

Sqribble Bonus #2: Ebook Profit Formula
[cover here]

The digital learning is a billion dollar industry. Hence, selling eBook is the best, easiest way to market and start a profitable digital business. This course is a good start especially if you are a complete beginner. Discover how to use eBooks for marketing, leads, conversion, traffic and sales.

Sqribble Bonus #3: Publish Ebook On Kindle

Want to dominate the Amazon Kindle marketplace? Use Sqribble software and then sell your eBooks there. This video tutorial can help you get started. Discover how to write, upload, edit and sell your own eBook on Amazon – the best place to get tons of buyers online.

Sqribble Bonus #4: Buyers Generation 3.0 with MRR

Now that you’ve built a list, it is time to profit from it, right? The short answer is no. Making money from your list and building a list is not the same.

If you tried building a list for a while, you will realize that there’s a big difference between a buyer list and freebie seeker list. Top gurus and super affiliates are making a killing from their list because they built buyer list.

On the other hand, some newbies might be struggling hard to make a sale from the list. This is because they don’t understand that their subscribers are freebie seekers. In fact, they don’t even know the correct methods to differentiate between freebie seekers and buyers.

It is the time to open up the curtain. Buyers Generation 3.0 is not another newbie course on list building. It is about getting buyer traffic to your list.

Learn the following tips and more inside this video course:
– 5 various methods to build a list of buyers. Once you implement the techniques, your overall profits will quadruple.
– Tips to convince others to send buyer traffic into your list, even if they are your competitors.
– The correct method to distribute viral reports that will grow a list of buyers. If you don’t know this method, your viral reports only attract freebie seekers.
– The secret to building your credibility and be seen as an authority. Once you do, others are willing to subscribe and buy from you.
– Techniques to rake in lots of profits from internet marketing product launches.
– List of websites where you can find partners to promote your products, even if you are a beginner.
– 4 important points in your proposal that you must mention when approaching other marketers to build a list of buyers.
– Steps to monetize any newly built list for maximum profits.
– 3 common mistakes when comes to list building. Find out what they are and avoid them.

Sqribble Bonus #5: SEO Success Blueprint

One way that you and I found a website on the internet is by searching on Google or Yahoo. In other words, since the creation of the internet, we all rely on search engines to find information.

This is the reason SEO Success Blueprint will help you, a lot. SEO Success Blueprint is a comprehensive course about getting the traffic from search engines like Bing or Google. If you fail to get ranked on the search engines, then it will be hard to get real buyer traffic elsewhere.

Learn the following tips and more from this blueprint:
– A quick glance of SEO and discover why it is very important.
– Discover the right way to write and publish quality content for search engines.
– List of on-page SEO factors that you must include in order to boost your search engine ranking.
– The reasons why you should focus on getting backlinks for SEO.
– The foolproof strategies of using social networking sites not only for backlinks but also for traffic.
– List of quality article websites where you can register, post your content and then get quality inbound links are the reward.
– Press release marketing tactics and the reasons why you should concern about it.
– List of other backlink sources that you must know. This list will be useful in case you want to add more quality links to your list.

Sqribble Bonus #6: WordPress Sales Robot with PLR

If you are looking for a PLR product to re-brand or sell, then you can download and sell this plugin. WordPress Sales Robot is more than just a PLR product. It is actually a quality PLR product.

Just as the name implies, this plugin can boost the overall sales rates of your WordPress site. In case you are tired of low conversion rates, then this will be a useful tool. The trick is to offer a discount code, known as a coupon code to your visitors.

In case you didn’t know, a coupon code is a special code where potential buyers can apply during the checkout. Then, get a special discount for the same product. By offering a coupon code, you can increase the sales rates, since the visitors are already in the buying mode. They just need a little more push to make the purchase.

In case you don’t understand, let me explain, the steps on how this plugin works:
1. Once activated, WordPress Sales Robot will prompt a special message to your website visitor. This message will offer a coupon code, but the visitor must share your website on his/her Facebook account.

2. The majority of your visitors will share your website on Facebook. They are already in the buying mode, so they don’t want to lose the chance to save money.

3. If one visitor shares your website on Facebook, he/she will be able to unlock the code. On the other hand, you will receive free traffic from FB.

4. The visitor won’t leave your website empty-handed. He/She will immediately go to the shopping cart and then make the purchase. You win again here because he/she make the purchase and you will earn money.

5. It doesn’t stop just there. One visitor will bring 3 more new visitors from his/her Facebook account. Remember the Facebook share which I mentioned in step 2 and 3? This share will bring new visitors. And then this new traffic will repeat the same process.

Sqribble Bonus #7: Niche Authority Gold with MRR

Let’s face the fact that finding profitable niches is a tiresome work. However, it is still the first and most important step among all of your marketing efforts.

Then, most people, especially newbies tend to try into competitive niches like business, technology, weight loss or even travel. While there is some potential from these niches, it is hard for you to get a good ROI. The reason is simple – it is because of a high competition.

If the niche is profitable but too competitive, then you will waste your money on advertising. On the other hand, if the niche is less competitive but nobody is looking for that niche or product, then you are wasting your time. In other words, you must be able to balance between the demand and competition.

The Niche Authority Gold is the exact blueprint to hunt for profitable niches. Learn the following and more from the Niche Authority Gold course:
– Top mistakes when comes to niche research.
– The correct mindset that you must have and develop.
– Techniques to uncover niches in topics that you know about.
– The right strategies to find niches in the markets that you know nothing about.
– Broad niches pros and cons. Find out when to use the broad beam approach.
– Narrow beam tactic and when to use it.
– Top ten niche finding tools and how to use them. Most of these tools are free.
– Hunting for profitable niches as an affiliate.
– 3 ways to publish your own niche products fast.

The Niche Authority Gold course also comes with master resell rights (MRR), sales letter and graphics. In other words, you can sell this course and profit from it. Your buyers will thank you for this because this is a useful course that will help everyone.

How to claim these bonuses:
You need to send an email to me, John M. Poynter to access the bonus download page. Just follow these steps:
1. Purchase the Sqribble product from this website. Click here to visit Sqribble official website and then make your purchase.

2. Compose an email with the subject “Send me Sqribble bonus”. Please mention your Paypal transaction ID and the date of purchase in the email.

3. Send the email to support[at]ironwoodacres.com. Replace [at] with @.

Thanks for reading.

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