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Simple Social Tools review

Simple Social Tools review – The simple, faster way for FB traffic

Many of my readers are asking me about the Simple Social Tools software. Well, this program is not released to the public yet, until November 13th, so there is not much information about Simple Social Tool so far.

However, based on my research and also this Simple Social Tools review, I came into conclusions that this is a mass Facebook messengging software.

Is Simple Social Tools for me?

If you want to drive traffic from Facebook, this program is for you. Otherwise, if your main traffic source is Facebook competitors like Google or Twitter, then you can dismiss this software.

For beginners, Simple Social Tools is a big help. However, keep in mind there is no guarantee that you will make the money. Yes, you can get the traffic, but it takes time to see the profits come in.

If traffic is the result that you are looking for, then Simple Social Tools is just fine for you. However, to make the real profits, that will be another story. You need to follow up your Facebook fans/friends from time to another.

Features of the Simple Social Tools

This software has a few features that is missing in many software out there.
– Automatically invite others to become your friends. Some of your post on Facebook be get liked by others, but they are not your friends on Facebook. So, why not invite them to become your friends? You can do so with this Simple Social Tools. Activate this tool within the Chrome extension section and then it will automatically send invitations to these Facebook users to become your friends.
– Automated liker function. This function will automatically select any random posts and then like them. This software will limit on how many posts that you can like for certain period of time. Otherwise, your account will be flagged by Facebook.

– Automatically send messages. You can let this software run on its own and send messages to your existing friends. Again, please follow the recommended settings for this software. Otherwise, Facebook will suspect that you are using an automated software to send messages and then flag your account.

For more information, you can read further about Simple Social Tools from this website.

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