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ScriptReel review

ScriptReel Review, OTO Info + Demo

Introduction: How can ScriptReel help

There could be tons of video editing software. For good reasons – video marketing works. While you might try a few video editing software before, ScriptReel is different.

It will open up a new traffic source for you – the global markets. The reason is simple – the ScriptReel software is more than just a video editing software. It is actually a translator + voice over video software. It will translate an English content into a video in any language that you choose.

Features of the ScriptReel software

No need to upload. Enter a Youtube URL and the you are good to go:
Just grab the URL of any English-based video on Youtube and then paste into the software. The ScriptReel software will translate and convert the video into the language that you choose.

The AI Powered AutoCaption Creation Technology
The ScriptReel software will analyze and then extracts the audio from original English-based video. After that, it will convert it into auto-captions by using the AutoCaption Creation Technology. This is an AI-based program which will keep learning and improving. The more you use it, the better it will become.

AutoCaption Placement And Translation Technology
Once the captions are created, the ScriptReel software will edit and place the correct fragment of the video. Then, it will translate the fragments or captions that will turn the entire video into a new languuage.

There are various languages to choose from: Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Additional software that will boost your search engine ranking, traffic are included:
VidCuratorFX2, SyVID and VidOptimizeNeos are included.

VidOptimizeNeos: This is one powerful software to optimize and then rank your Youtube video. Combine this software with the ScriptReel software and you will get easier Google ranking for non-English keywords.

SyVid: This is actually a video submitter. It will register and then submit your video to 20 other video sharing sites. Youtube is not the only player in town. If you know how to leverage other video sites properly, you can get even more traffic. SyVid is the software that you should go for, in case that you want to save the time.

VidCuratorFX2: VidCuratorFX2 is a video spinner that will spin and produce tons of videos from one video. You can do so by just entering a keyword.


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