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ProgressiveAppsBuilder review

A quick glance of ProgressiveAppsBuilder program

Mobile marketing is the way to go in 2019. One way to boost your income via mobile phones is by having your own Progressive Web App. This is not just an ordinary app that you can download from Google Play.

Progressive Web App can be installed directly into your mobile phone by clicking on certain URLs. That is what ProgressiveAppsBuilder is all about. It is about building your own Progressive Web App.

The benefits of ProgressiveAppsBuilder software

Easy installation for your customers. Unlike the rest of mobile apps, ProgressiveAppsBuilder apps can be installed directly from your website. All your visitors need to do is agree and download the program into their mobile phone. Therefore, you can expect more customers or potential clients install it, when compared to standard app that you can download from Google Play.

Push notifications to get targeted customers. Your web app can be configured to send a push notification once you want to make a promotion, add new updates or add new content. Therefore, you can get more response from customers.

Your clients can view the content offline. Thanks to the Advance Cache Technology, the app will keep working even if you don’t have the internet access. This is different when compared to standard website where your visitors need to connect on the internet before viewing the content.

Fast loading app. Thanks to the new technology, the content from a progressive web app loads super fast. Therefore, more people can view and read the content than ever before.

New technology. The Progressive Web App is still a new technology. Even better, Google and Microsoft love it. Therefore, you can expect to get better ranking on Google and Bing.

Safe and secure app. The Progressive Web App is safe from man-in-the-middle attacks. This ensures that the content is not meddled with.

Super easy to use. You don’t need to know a lot of technical skills in order to use ProgressiveAppsBuilder software. Just follow the simple wizard and you are good to go.

Publish any type of apps in a few minutes. The ProgressiveAppsBuilder can build any type of web app. You can choose to publish an e-commerce app, blogs, community app, lead generation app, learning app and also marketing app.

More free search engine traffic. The Progressive Web App is loved by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Therefore, you can expect to receive more free traffic and sales. This app will give you advantages over your competitors.

Who can profit from ProgressiveAppsBuilder

Freelancers: If you are running a design agency, then you can offer this web app to clients. Sell the Progressive Web App and impress your clients with the ease of installation of your apps.

E-commerce business owners: Running an e-commerce business requires you to have an run your own mobile app these days. People love to surf the internet on mobile phone, in addition to standard browser on their PC. By having your own mobile app, you can drive targeted traffic from mobile phones or tablets rather than just your own website.

Webmasters and bloggers: If you have a blog or forum, you can get more traffic, visitors and engagement via mobile phone thanks to the ProgressiveAppsBuilder. Build a community forum app and then get the feedback from your existing visitors.

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