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PLR Monster review

PLR Monster Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of PLR Monster product:

PLR Monster is a high-quality, done-for-you PLR package for your business. This is not a rehashed product. In fact, these are the real done-for-you solutions created to ease you in starting a business.

There are 99 complete PLR products. Each of these consists of a sales letter, graphics, a custom squeeze page, 3D e-Covers and of course, the real ebook product. If you want a real time saver to start a business or expand an existing ebook business, PLR Monster is the product that you should go for.

Product PLR Monster launch date: October 31st, 2018

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PLR Monster Full Review

How can the PLR Monster help you?

In short, this PLR Monster package will save you a lot of time on website content and product creation. If you have been into online marketing for one month or two, you will realize that publishing your own content is a time-consuming process. Keep in mind that you cannot copy other people’s content, since most of them are protected by copyright act.

However, with PLR products, that’s another story. PLR stands for private lable rights. Which means, you can use the products or content anyway that you like.
– Edit, modify and then re-sell it as your own product.
– Use them as the website content.
– Sell them as it is.

Ideas to use the PLR Monster product and make tons of profit from it

Just as the name implies, PLR Monster is a jam-packed product with done-for-you eBooks, articles and resources. As an online marketer, these products can help you, a lot.

The following are the list of suggestions on how to use the PLR Monster pack:
Use them as your blog content: Splitting PLR report and articles into various blog posts will save a lot of your time. Plus, they can provide tons of useful information to your readers even if you are not an expert in that topic. Split the eBooks into content and then post into your blog. After that, share it on social media sites. Simple traffic tactics that really work.

Sell as physical books or DVDs: This is one creative way to sell products offline or perhaps on eBay. Print the PLR eBooks, together with the cover graphics and then turn them into physical products. Then, you can sell them offline at the bookstore. Or, you can also list the products on online marketplaces like eBay and ship them to customers.

Get more traffic by offering PLR products for free: Use one of the PLR eBook from the PLR Monster product in giveaway event or perhaps in your website. In exchange, you can ask the visitors to subscribe into your email list or perhaps share your website on Facebook. A simple, but creative method to increase your traffic.

Research and development: We are not expert in everything. There are some subjects that we know nothing about. That’s why, if you want to save time, PLR Monster is the key. You can find the eBooks and content in all popular topics to research and publish into the web.

Use the content as swipe emails: The articles and reports can be splitted and then distribute into several swipe emails. Then, copy the swipe emails and paste into your autoresponder service. Now you can have autoresponder messages ready for you.

Attract social traffic: The PLR content, whether the images, videos or articles can be re-edit, or re-use in social media sites. Just paste them in Pinterest, for example and then link to your website. People will share your content and then will give your website a great exposure.

Workshops and Online Webinars: PLR products and videos can be re-used in online workshops or webinars. It will be useful even if you know nothing about that particular subject.

Affiliate marketing with PLR products: If you are selling products as an affiliate, it is super important that you keep the content of your blog, website and newsletter updated. The fresh content will keep the visitors coming to your blog. You can also re-edit and then insert affiliate links into the PLR eBooks to sell products as an affiliate.

Multiple language PLR conversions: Translating your content into French or Spanish is difficult already. Why not make it easier with PLR? Use the PLR content (which is in English), and then translate those into other languages by using a freelancer. You can also translate into other languages with Google translate.

Guest posting articles: Find any blogger in your niche and then offer her/him an article, in exchange for the backlinks to your website. It is highly recommended that you write in your own style, and not use the PLR articles directly. However, the PLR content or articles can save you the time on finding ideas for your guest blog post.

Publish your own product in any niche, very fast: A niche package consists of multiple PLR eBooks and videos packed into one single product. If you want to dominate any niche that you know nothing about, PLR Monster can help you, a lot. Just use the products in the same niche and then re-sell them into one single product. However, it is recommended that you change the sales letter and graphics for these products, to make it unique.

Charge monthly with a membership site: A membership site cannot run without new, fresh content every month. This is why, PLR Monster will assist you in getting content, ready to be delivered to other members. Since the content is abundant, you should never run out of material.

Use the ready-made sales letter as your own: This is important if you are stuck for a sales page. Crafting a converting sales letter could be a challenging task if you don’t know how to do it properly. PLR Monster has a lot of ready-made sales letter, which you can use as the basis of your sales copy.

Use the content in social media for traffic and followers: Use the PLR content and then split them into usable content. Add into social media sites like Instagram, Facebook pages and then link back to your domain name. Boost your popularity and be recognized as an expert in any niche.

My killer PLR Monster bonus

As a way to say thanks, I am offering you my bonus products below. They are not part of PLR Monster product. In other words, they are available only when you purchase via my website.

Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be given URLs to both PLR Monster member’s area and also the bonus download page. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

PLR Monster Bonus #1: SEO Success Blueprint with MRR

There are tons of traffic sources on the web. But the question is, which traffic source is the best to focus on? If you ask experienced webmasters or bloggers, they will answer: the search engine traffic.

This is the reason why I think the SEO Success Blueprint will be very useful to you. Once you get the ranking on Google or Bing, you will enjoy the benefits of search engine traffic:
– The conversion rate is much higher compared to social media traffic.
– Visitors come to your website on auto-pilot. Let Google or Yahoo do their job.
– Traffic will come not only from Google, Bing but also from other search engines like Dogpile, DuckDuckGo or Qwant. Basically, search engine’s algorithms are almost the same for all search engines.
– The backlink source, let say press release websites are also source of traffic. Therefore, not only you can steal traffic from Google, but also from your baclink sources.

Here are tips that you will learn from the SEO Success Blueprint:
– A quick glance of SEO.
– On-page SEO factors that you need to know and include on your website, articles and content.
– The secret used by successful webmasters for better Google ranking and long-term traffic.
– Getting backlinks is the most important thing to do. Find out why backlinks is important and how to get them.
– Social media marketing strategies, how to get traffic from social sites and its relationship with SEO.
– List of article directories that you can leverage not only for backlinks but also for free traffic.
– Secret to appear on news website and also Google news.
– List of other important backlinking techniques that you should implement.

PLR Monster Bonus #2: High Ticket Authority Gold with MRR

Let’s face the fact that creating the real wealth from affiliate marketing is hard. The reason is simple – the commission percentage is low. If you promoted Amazon products for example, you can expect to earn around $4 to $20 per sale.

However, this course, High Ticket Authority Gold is a game changer. In fact, this is the key to your online success. High Ticket Authority Gold is not about selling a low-ticket product. It is about selling a product which pays you $500 or perhaps $2000 per sale.

You don’t need to get a lot of traffic in order to make $10,000 per month. You just need to get a few traffic and sales of a $2000 product, in order to make that kind of income.

Now, I know that it could sound easier said than done, but that’s why you need to use this product. High Ticket Authority Gold is more than just video course – it also comes with complete toolset to get traffic and sell high ticket product effectively.

Below are the modules of this Gold Product Package:
– Video training on how to utilize this system, together with slideshow and audio files.
– Upsell page.
– Autoresponder series.
– Free report that you can use as a bribe to grow your list.
– Affiliate page, complete with tools to attract super affiliates promoting your product.
– Social media swipe kit, with messages.
– List of forums and blogs to attract traffic, affiliate partners and even customers.
– Keyword list to target on search engines.

PLR Monster Bonus #4: Niche Authority Gold with MRR

Many people don’t have a clue to find a good, profitable niche. In fact, they limit their options to popular and saturated niches like technology, business or diet.

If the above is your problem, then you need to download Niche Authority Gold video series and learn even more. Niche Authority Gold will open your eyes and help youu uncover tons of other profitable niches. Even better, it will expose less saturated niches. So, you can expect to get tons of traffic without much work from your part.

List of videos inside:
Video # 01: Mistakes made when comes to niche research/
Video # 02: The right mindset that you need to learn and develop.
Video # 03: Getting started with things and information that you know.
Video # 04: Discover untapped niches that you are not familiar with.
Video # 05: How to find and profit from niches that you are not familiar with.
Video # 06: The reasons why sometimes you need to take broad or narrow approach.
Video # 07: Top 10 niche finding tools that you can leverage.
Video # 08: Niche research for affiliates.
Video # 09: 3 powerful methods to create a niche product fast.
Video # 10: Summary of the entire system.

PLR Monster Bonus #5: Profitable Webinars Blueprint with MRR

If you subscribe to any of the gurus newsletters, you will realize that they always run webinars every now and then. For good reasons: Webinars is the best way to pre-sell yourself, your products and quadruple your income.

Once you run and held your own webinars:
– The engagement between you and your customers will be very effective since they can ask questions, and you can see their feedback.
– The conversion rate of your product will skyrocket.
– You will have more happy customers.
– More improvements can be made in the future, in case you want to release new products.

Profitable Webinars Blueprint is one comprehensive video series that help you getting started with webinars. Yes, I know that this course will help a lot of people out there. Why? Because many of the new marketers never held a webinar before.

Below are some of the information that you are about to learn:
– Getting the traffic to your webinar by using Facebook.
– How to ask joint venture partners to send traffic and invite attendees into your webinar.
– Getting traffic to your webinar by using Facebook.
– The secret to close a sale.
– The correct formula to run profitable webinars.
– Tools and automation software that you can use.


Adswaps Fire Starter is a complete course about adswap technique. In case you didn’t know, ad swap is where you are exchanging traffic and subscribers with others. In other words, you send the traffic to your partner, and then he also do the same for you.

Adswaps Fire Starter is a comprehensive course about this method, especially for beginners. Not only you will receive mp3 training audio, but also a mind map, one-time offer templates, squeeze pages, a transcript and a training video.

All of these materials are important if you want to build a list fast. Even better, this product also comes with resell right. In case you like it, others would too. Feel free to sell this product and keep 100% profit.

Steps to claim the above bonus products:
1. The bonus offers above are available only when you purchase PLR Monster product from this website. Click here to purchase PLR Monster product.

2. Compose an email with the subject “Send me the PLR Monster bonus”. Please state your Paypal transaction ID and the date of purchase for verification.

3. Send your email to support[at]ironwoodacres.com (Replace [at] with @) – John M Poynter.

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