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MSGLock Bonus

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Introduction: A little bit about content-locking

Content-locking is one effective method to collect email subscribers from your existing website. The trick is to ask the visitor for her/his email address before viewing the content. This technique had been used for years by a lot of experienced marketers.

Content-locking can be done by adding a simple WordPress plugin or a certain script to the website. Therefore, once a visitor arrives on the website, she/he will be prompted for her/his email.

MSGLock is also one content-locking software plugin. However, this product takes it to the next level by adding more improvements, making it better than other content locking platform.

The common problems with the content-locking method

These are some of the common problems for most content-locking software today:
– People will leave your website once the content is locked. Why? Because they don’t want to give away their emails, at least until they read your blog post. They want to find out whether your content is relevant or not before subscribing.
– One software can lock just one type of content. If that software can lock text content, for example, it cannot lock a video content. Therefore, you need to purchase additional software separately in order to lock even more.

MSGLock product – the pros and cons of this product
Pros of the MSGLock product
– More signup rates thanks to the content locking system.
– You will get more valid subscribers since people who signup by using the MSGLock software will enter their real emails.
– Reduce the bounce rates and increase your engagements with your existing raffic.

Cons of the MSGLock product
– This program requires a little learning curve to setup.
– It is not free. However, the price that you pay for this software is very little when compared with other competing software out there.


Click here to visit the MSGLock official website

How can MSGLock help?

MSGLock solves the above problems plus even more by adding new features and improvements. Even better, it comes with just a small price tag:

The ability To lock Content During Consumption: Once activated, MSGLock will be able to lock your website content from the visitors. However, it will wait until a few minutes before locking the content. This will the readers chance to read your website content before subscribing into your mailing list.

As the result, not many of them are going to leave your website without subscribing. Even better, those who signup to your newsletter is relevant to your list. Therefore, you can expect to get more sales, more engagement and happy subscribers.

Collecting both email and messenger subscribers: You can collect not just the email, but also the messenger information. This will give your visitors more options to subscribe. On the other hand, you will have more options to contact the subscribers.

It is super important if you want to increase more sales, conversions and also traffic in the future. Why? Because you will have more ways to contact them soon.

All-in-one platform. No-hassle to additional software separately: Most content-locking software can lock only one type of content. If it can lock the text content, it cannot lock the video content. It also cannot lock PDF-type content. If you want to lock more than one type of content, you need to purchase additional software separately.

However, the MSGLock software is different. You can lock all type of content in one single platform. Those include PDF, video and of course text content. Therefore, no need to waste more money on additional software in the future.

More customizations. More integration with various site builders: You can customize this software as you please. Make the content-locking experience your own. Plus, you can also add the script and integrate with various type of site builders. Those include WordPress.

My killer MSGLock bonus

As a way to say thanks, I am giving away my exclusive bonus pack below. My bonus pack and MSGLock are complementary with each other.

In other words, you can learn new things which are not being taught inside MSGLock product. You can also boost your online profits by selling some of my bonus products below since they come with master resale right and private label right.

These bonus products will be sent only when you purchase MSGLock from this website. If you get the MSGLock product somewhere else, you won’t be receiving them.

Once your purchase is complete, please send me an email to claim these bonus products. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

MSGLock Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

As the online marketer, both you and I know the power of newsletter and autoresponder. The reason is simple – people always use emails to check for updates, connect with friends and get notifications. This is the reason why list building works like a charm for super affiliates.

Autoresponder Profit Formula is just the course that will help you build a profitable list. Some list building courses out there are too basic while others are too advance to some people.

However, the Autoresponder Profit Formula is different. It covers all parts of list building. Whether you are a newbie, intermediate or advanced marketer, Autoresponder Profit Formula has something for you.

This video course consists of 3 parts:
Part 1: List building for beginners
– The introduction of autoresponder and newsletter.
– Squeeze page and its relation to your entire list building campaign.
– Tips to boost the conversion rates of the squeeze page.
– The art of writing follow-up sequence.
– Traffic generation tips for list builders.

Part 2: Getting the real buyer traffic
– Find out why some list builders are struggling to make a dime, while top gurus are making a killing from their lists.
– Discover the truth between freebie seekers and buyers.
– The secret to stealing buyer traffic from your competitors without using an ad swap.
– Joint venture marketing and how you can utilize it for massive targeted traffic.
– The right and wrong way to distribute viral reports for subscribers.
– Tips to build credibility online and being seen as an authority.
– 4 places to post your joint venture proposals and get tons of affiliates to promote for you.
– 3 top mistakes when comes to list building that you should avoid.
– Tips to maximize the profit from a newly built list in order to get good ROI from your campaign.

Part 3: Make a killing from your list
– The big difference between selling low-ticket products and high ticket products.
– The complete toolset to pitch a high-ticket product to your list. This tool consists of an upsell page, swipe emails, special reports. Plus the list of sources to get traffic from.
– The step-by-step video explains how to set up the entire funnel to promote high-ticket products to your list.

MSGLock Bonus #2: Shopify Blueprint with MRR

E-commerce is one big industry these days. In fact, there already dozens of e-commerce courses being released to the web in the past few years.

However, Shopify Blueprint is different. If you are looking for an e-commerce course that keeps things simple, Shopify Blueprint is the answer.

The reason is simple – this blueprint is not about using complicated software. It is actually about setting up your online store with the best e-commerce platform to date – Shopify.

Let me dissect them and tell you what’s inside each module of this blueprint:

Shopify At A Glance: This is a quick overview of Shopify. Watch the comparison between Shopify and other e-commerce software. Plus, you will learn why Shopify is the best.

Getting Started With Shopify: This is the signup process. Learn the difference between each plan of Shopify. This platform comes with monthly and yearly payment. The best one will depend on your store. And this module will help you decide the best plan for your e-commerce store.

Shopify Dashboard: The dashboard is where you can configure the entire system. See the features inside the Shopify dashboard and learn its benefits.

How To Set Up Your Shopify E-Store: You don’t need to learn website coding from scratch. Thanks to Shopify, you can design a beautiful online store within a few minutes. All of these are possible thanks to the ready-made templates. Other than that, this video will show how to set up the payment and shipping part.

How To Identify Hot Selling Products: Finding good products to sell is not an easy task for most people.
Which is why this module is super important. The creator will explain the correct strategies to use free tools online to uncover markets and niches with high demand and low competition.

How To Create Buy Button / Shopping Cart: This part could be easy for some people. However, when you are doing it for real, you must be careful. The buy button is where people pay money into your bank account or payment processor. If you don’t have the confidence to set up your own payment processor via Shopify, then this video will help you, a lot.

Launching Your E-Store: This module is the most exciting part of all videos. Watch how easy it is to generate real income from your Shopify store. Once you receive the traffic and launch, expect to make the sales after a few hours.

Other Money Making Ideas: Monetizing your web store is not just about selling your own products. You can also profit by selling to others. For example, you can use the Shopify website as a dropshipping site. Other than that, Shopify site can also be customized with affiliate links. So, you can monetize it with affiliate marketing.

How To Migrate Your Shop From Bigcommerce To Shopify: If you already have an established online store, then you can migrate to Shopify. You don’t need to start the entire website from scratch. Just use the tools included within the Shopify software and you are good to go.

MSGLock Bonus #3: Rapid Amazon Research

Rapid Amazon Research is going to help you make easy money on Amazon. Why? Because this is not another Amazon course. It is actually a done-for-you product. You will get a list of hot-selling products, plus keyword list that you can target on Google.

Here’s an overview of the Rapid Amazon Research software:
1. Product list:
– Grab 5 lists of 10 products in different niches.
– These are products which are high in demand, with 10+ ratings plus 4 star-ratings.
– All products are priced at more than $100.

2. Keyword list and database:
– The keyword data are pulled from Google and Amazon database.
– Included with this list is total search volume per month, average CPC.
– The competition on Google is also mentioned in this list.

3. Ready-made video reviews are also included.
– No hassle to create or edit your own video.

MSGLock Bonus #4: SEO Success Blueprint

Search engines play an important role since the creation of the internet. This trend will continue as long as the internet exists. In fact, the search engines are getting bigger and better when compared to 10 years ago.

The SEO Success Blueprint is the exact course that will teach you the fundamental aspects of SEO. This is super important since you cannot get ranked without mastering the fundamental parts. Once you are ranked for easy keywords, then you can move on and target even harder keywords.

List of tips and techniques inside the SEO Success Blueprint:
– Introduction to search engine optimization, SEO.
– The art of writing quality content that will impress both Google and your readers.
– List of on-page SEO factors that you must know and consider.
– The reasons why you should focus on getting backlinks.
– Social media marketing strategies that really work to get you quality backlinks. Plus free traffic.
– List of article directories that you can post into for massive traffic and powerful backlinks.
– Taking advantage of the press release and news sites for quality backlinks.
– Checklist of other websites that you can post into for quality backlinks.

MSGLock official website

Steps to get the above products:
1. You must purchase MSGLock anywhere from this website. Click here to visit MSGLock official website and make the purchase.

2. You need to claim the bonus pack above via email. Compose an email with subject: “MSGLock bonus claim”. Write your email, include your date of purchase and Paypal transaction ID inside it. Then, send to support[at]ironwoodacres.com. Replace [at] with @.

3. If you have any question, feel free to contact me, John M. Poynter by sending an email to support[at]ironwoodacres.com. 

Thanks for reading – John.

MSGLock official website

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