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Instazon Review, OTO Info, Discount + Complementary Bonus


Unless if you live under the rock in the past few years, probably you know about the Amazon Associate program. Plus, you also aware that some average people are making a good income from it.

However, there are always problems when you tried making money from Amazon. Some of them are:
– You just don’t know where to get started.
– Most courses about Amazon Associate are not compiled together that you are confused.
– Some of the courses about Amazon recommend that you invest in third-party software which will cost you more money.
– Quality Amazon store builder software will cost hundreds of dollars.
– You need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive keyword software to uncover profitable buyer keywords.

But worry not. Those were in the past. Instazon is going to solve all of the problems above completely.

Click here to visit the Instazon official website


Instazon is a complete package on Amazon

Instazon is different. This is a complete package to build a solid, profitable business with Amazon.

Best of all, you can forget paying for third-party software to get started. All important tools required are included inside the Instazon product.

Instazon consists of:
4 powerful Amazon market research software:
This software package will help you uncover profitable niches, less saturated markets. Plus, you can also discover fewer competition keywords on search engines. In the past, software like these cost you hundreds of dollars. But not anymore.

2 Powerful Amazon Store WordPress Plugins:
Wordpress is the best when comes to building a website. That’s why Instazon also recommends you to build a site with WordPress.

The Instazon package comes with 2 Amazon Store WordPress plugins. Just upload the files and activate to build a professional-looking Amazon store. No hassle to pay for another WordPress theme.

Comprehensive Marketer Training With 20+ Videos:
New to Amazon? Then, these training videos will guide you, a lot. The training videos will teach you from A to Z, all about building a solid business with Amazon.

All important aspects are covered, including market research, content creation, traffic generation, site building and finally monetization. With over 20+ training videos, there is no way you cannot understand the whole concept.

My Instazon bonus

Looking for ways to add more value to your purchase? Then, I offer you my bonus products below. They are not part of Instazon product, but they will add more value to your purchase.

In fact, these bonus files are complementary with Instazon product. You can learn new tips on how to get more traffic and how to perform niche research. Plus, you can also sell some of these products for profits, since they come with PLR and MRR.

These bonus files are already linked within the JVZoo.com system, so once you’ve made the purchase, they will be sent to you, automatically. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Instazon Bonus #1: Rapid Amazon Research

Tired of doing the niche research on your own? Or perhaps you are looking for ways to reduce the niche research part?

Unlike the other courses about niche research, Rapid Amazon Research is not about how to do niche research. Rapid Amazon Research is a done-for-you niche research solution.

Here’s a recap of what you will get with Rapid Amazon Research:
1. Done-for-you product research:
– Get 5 lists of 10 products in 5 different niches.
– These products are priced at more than $100.
– Quality products with more than 10 reviews and 4-star rating.

2.Done-for-you keyword list:
– All the data are pulled from Google and Amazon database.
– Included in the keyword list are metrics like average CPC, number of search volume per month.
– Total competing websites on Google plus EMD for every keyword are also listed.

3. Done-for-you review:
– 50 product review videos are included.

If you are serious about making money with Amazon affiliate program, the Rapid Amazon Research is the best offer you can get.

Instazon Bonus #2: Niche Authority Gold

Let’s face the fact that niche and product research is hard. However, still, it is the most important part of your overall marketing funnel.

A good niche must be high in demand but low in competition. They are not necessarily the popular ones on the internet such as weight loss, business or technology. They must be broad enough for good traffic volume, but the competition must be low.

If all of that sounds confusing to you, then I have good news for you. The Niche Authority Gold can lift the curtain and show you the real secret. This is a complete niche research course for beginners. Even if you are experienced, you can pick decent tips from the video tutorials.

Yes, it is presented in video format, so you can download it, watch it at your own pace. You can also re-watch it again and again until you can see a clear picture.

The information that you can get from these videos:
– The wrong way to do niche research. Perhaps if you fail at niche marketing, probably you’ve made one of these mistakes.
– Developing the correct niche finder’s mindset.
– Begin the journey with what you really know.
– Tactics to uncover a niche that you are not familiar with.
– The advantages of using broad niche keywords.
– The advantages of choosing narrower keywords.
– Reasons why the smaller, targeted one niche, the better it is.
– List of niche research tools that you should be using.
– Tips to uncover hot, profitable niches for affiliate marketers.
– 3 killer methods to create your own niche products faster.

Instazon Bonus #3: Publish Ebook On Kindle

Publishing ebook is a proven and easy method of making money online. There are tons of websites allow you to publish your own ebook, but Amazon Kindle is one of the best.

The reason is simple: Amazon is the biggest marketplace for physical books in the past, and today it also taps into the ebook market. Plus, people already know and trust the Amazon brand, so it will be easier for you to sell ebooks here.

The Publish Ebook On Kindle is a complete video tutorial on how to start selling your own ebook at Amazon Kindle Marketplace from scratch.

You will learn the exact steps need to be taken in order to publish and make money selling ebooks here. Some of the steps are:
– Writing the ebook from scratch or by using a ghost author.
– Designing the ebook cover, whether on your own or perhaps hiring others.
– Uploading the product on Kindle.
– Opening an account and then publish on Kindle Direct Publishing.
– Editing your product, before and after the publishing process.

Starting a business on Amazon is not just about affiliate program these days. You can also sell ebooks or physical products on Amazon.com and then get paid directly to your Amazon account.

Instazon Bonus #4: Youtube Traffic Secrets

It is no secret that Youtube is a hot video sharing website today. In fact, many people already dump their traditional offline television since the rise of Youtube.

The good news is, using Youtube is free. This is not like other video promotional methods where you need to pay for expensive advertising. However, the bad news is, the competition on Youtube is higher than before. More businesses and companies are using it as a marketing channel.

Now, what if you can get the advantage of the competition on Youtube? Wouldn’t it will be a life-changing opportunity for you? This PDF ebook is your advantage. This is the secret to get 10,000 views per week from any of your videos on Youtube.

You don’t need to create a professional-looking video for this purpose. You just need to know how to promote your video properly for massive traffic and exposure. Yes, this book will teach you free marketing tactics. Therefore, if you are on a low budget, this product is for you.

Instazon Bonus #5: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

The internet is getting bigger these days. Not only because people are using it for information, but also to connect via social media. When comes to social media marketing, probably you already know about Facebook and perhaps try to promote your website there.

However, the problem with Facebook is the fact it is saturated with lots of companies and businesses trying to sell their products. Therefore, it is getting harder and harder these days to make the real money.

That’s why, if you want a real traffic goldmine, the Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is the answer. This blueprint is not going to teach you anything about Facebook ads or marketing. Instead, it is about getting free, untapped, targeted traffic from Reddit.

Reddit is the most viral social website in 2018 and it is getting bigger. The good news is, the majority of huge companies never try promoting on Reddit before. This is a good opportunity for small marketers like you.

The Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint consists of 2 parts:
Part 1: Using Reddit as promotion channel
– A quick glance at the Reddit website.
– The reasons why you should be focusing on Reddit.
– Intro to subreddits, how to find them and how to use them.
– Bigger subreddits pros and cons.
– Advantages and disadvantages of smaller subreddits.
– The importance of growing your Reddit Karma. Plus, its effect on your brand here.
– Tools and features at Reddit website that you should know and use.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing
– A quick overview of Instagram and the marketing tactics here.
– The Instagram tag feature and how it can help you get more traffic.
– Tactics to drive traffic from Instagram to your domain name.
– Terms and rules of Instagram that you should know and comply. Otherwise, your account might be deleted.
– A complete checklist that you can use as a quick reference, such as the roadmap, PDFs.

Instazon Bonus #6: SEO Success Blueprint

As a business owner, you know that traffic from Google or Yahoo is important. In fact, the majority of websites that you’ve visited today are found on Google.

While you understand the importance of search engine traffic, you don’t even know how Google rank one page on the internet. Or perhaps you think that it is so hard to you don’t want to even try.

This SEO Success Blueprint will expose the truth to you. Getting top ten ranking on search engines is not hard. It is just not an overnight process. You just need to know and cover the basic parts before growing a bigger business.

Learn the following and more from this course:
– The secret to stealing Google ranking only by creating quality content.
– On-page SEO techniques that you should know and implement.
– Reasons why Google cares a lot about backlinks and why you should too.
– Tips to use article directories not only for free traffic but also for backlinks and Google ranking.
– Social media marketing websites that you can leverage for viral traffic and thousands of free backlinks.
– The correct methods to appear on news websites, and also Google news for massive traffic and ranking.
– More list of backlinks that you should take note of and utilize.

Instazon Bonus #7: WP Sales Robot

WP Sales Robot is more than just an ordinary WordPress plugin. It is actually a quality PLR product. Hence, if you want to grow a list of subscribers, you can offer this software for free. Other than that, you can also activate this plugin on your website and use it on your own.

This plugin can boost both of your traffic and conversions:
– More viral Facebook traffic: The WP Sales Robot plugin will hover a message that offers your visitors a special coupon code. However, in order to unlock the coupon code, the visitor must share your website via Facebook.

If he or she shares your website, then you will get free traffic. Your visitor, on the other hand, will get a free coupon code. It is a win-win situation.

– More sales: Once your visitor grabs the coupon code, she or he will less likely to leave your website empty-handed. Instead, she/he will immediately apply the code to make the purchase. As the result, you will end up with even more sales than before.

How to get my Instazon products above:
1. Click here to purchase Instazon product. All of your payments are processed by Paypal, so rest assured, they are secure and backed with 30-day money back guarantee.

2. Wait for the confirmation emails of your purchase. This will contain the login URL of Instazon product. You should be receiving that in a moment.

3. After that, you will also receive the URL to my bonus download page. The process is automatic and handled by the JVZoo.com system. You don’t need to do anything.

4. Other than that, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Thomas Henry. Send an email to support[at]ironwoodacres.com.

If you want to claim the bonus via email, please mention your Paypal transaction ID, email as well as the date of purchase. This is for the verification process.

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