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Inboxr Review, Bonus, Discount and OTO Info

Introduction: Why Inboxr?

Social media marketing is one big industry on the internet in the past few years. There are tons of social websites these days, like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

While getting the traffic from social media is hard already, what makes it even harder to manage your customers on these social sites. For example, if you want to send messages to all of your fans, answer their questions and send promotions. You cannot do all these tasks manually on your own.

However, thanks to the Inboxr software, things will be different. You don’t need to manage the tasks manually. Even better, you can also save money by not hiring a social media manager.

See what’s inside the Inboxr member’s area- Review from the real user

VIP Training Video Tutorials
This is one solid, complete training program for Inboxr members. If you want to take the profits from Inboxr to the fullest, I highly recommend that you watch this video series to the end. Inside it, you will learn how to monetize the chat bots and how to integrate with an existing ecom stores. Then, how to create a proper funnel and finally how to profit the most from FB page with chat bots.

Done-for-you: The chat bot marketplace
This feature is very useful and you should take full advantage of it. The Inboxr marketplace gives you the access to tons of done-for-you chat bots. Save thousands per month on paying a third-party programmer to create a bot for you.

Lots of chat bots are available, in various niches. For example, if you run an e-commerce store, you can let the bot chat with your existing customers and grow your sales automatically. The same goes for other niches like local marketing, dentists, email marketing and more.

White label bot and resell license are included
Do you have a local business? Or do you want to run an social media marketing agency? Then, this feature is very useful for you. Why? Because you can make thousands per month from Inboxr alone.

You can rent the chat bots from Inboxr to local clients. The training is included and you can charge them whatever price that they want. These bots are worth every penny to local clients, so you can expect them to pay thousands per year.

Click here to visit the Inboxr official website


Inboxr official

Inboxr software: Its features and how can it help you

In summary, this cool software will send messages, follow-ups and customize your social media messages.

Pick the chatbot from the marketplace: This feature alone makes the Inboxr software worth every penny. By having a chatbot, you can save a lot of time sending messages, answering customer support and following up your social media fans. The good news is, Inboxr does support the chat bot feature. Even better, you don’t need to program these bots yourself. You can simply pick one from the marketplace and run it off.

Build your email list quickly: The software will add one user’s email from social media into the autoresponder instantly. For example, you can offer her/him a coupon code and then when she/he click “Yes”, the email will be added immediately.

More sales and conversions: Inboxr allows you to customize the message styles, automatically. You can send “if this then that style messages”. It is actually a recommendation-style message. This message allows you to follow-up and then boost the sales rates later on.

Message thousands your Facebook fans in one click: If you have thousands of Facebook fans, it will take all day to send the message to all of them. However, you can customize this software to message the current fans, drip feed the content and even send the message to past followers. All in one go. No-hassle to do that manually.

Follow up with past leads: The Inboxr software can detect and differentiate fans that you haven’t contacted for X period of time. After that, you can follow-up the past leads and remind them about your offers.

More sales for e-commerce store: If you run an e-commerce store, probably you don’t want your buyers to purchase just one product from you. You will want them to purchase various relevant products. Inboxr allows you to customize the “upsell message”. For example, “people who bought this product will also purchase this one”.

Drip feed is supported: Drip feeding saves time and makes you more money. You don’t need to re-write the messages or content. Just drip feed the past content, slowly over a period of time. This is why Inboxr also comes with this feature.

My killer Inboxr bonus

Grab Inboxr product from this website and I will send you the following bonus offers. This bonus pack is going to add more value to your purchase. Even better, they are complementary with the Inboxr product.

In other words, you can learn something from my video courses below, which isn’t being taught inside Inboxr product. You can also use any of the software offered below to boost the conversion rates of your WordPress sites or increase traffic. Best of all, if you have a list in the IM niche, you can also sell some of the offers below.

Send me an email after the purchase, if you wish to claim these bonus products. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Inboxr Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

The Autoresponder Profit Formula is the only course that will guide you from the ground to above when comes to list building. I’ve bought a lot of email marketing courses out there. While they could be good products, most of them seem to miss important puzzles in their tutorials.

Some of the courses are geared for beginners, so they are too basic. Some of the courses are geared for advanced users, so beginners have a hard time catching up with that course.

Autoresponder Profit Formula is suitable for all levels. It consists of 3 parts, the first part is for beginners, the second one is for intermediate. Finally, the third part is for experienced marketers.

Let me dissect what’s inside this video course:
Part 1: Introduction to list building and email marketing
– A quick glance at email marketing.
– List of complete tools that you should be using.
– Squeeze pages and why is it important.
– Tips to increase the conversion rates of your squeeze page.
– The effective follow-up sequences for email marketers.
– The sample of squeeze pages that convert extremely well.
– List of traffic generation techniques.

Part 2: Growing buyer’s list
– The reasons why some of your subscribers always buy something from you, while the majority of them don’t.
– Tricks to eliminate freebie seekers from your email list.
– Effective traffic techniques to grow lots of willing-to-buy subscribers.
– The power of joint venture marketing and how to leverage it.
– List of free forums that you can register, post into and then get more buyers.
– Effective persuasion methods to make others send buyer traffic to your list, even if they are your competitors.
– Tips to profit instantly from a newly built list and cover up your autoresponder and traffic course.
– Viral report technique that really works and send you tons of buyer traffic.
– Common list building mistakes made by new email marketers.

Part 3: Make a huge income from your list
– Step-by-step video tutorials to set up your funnel and profit from it.
– The reasons why selling high-ticket products is the way to go when you already have a buyer list.
– Sample of upsells page that you can upload to the web.
– Example of effective swipe emails.
– The free report that you can distribute and use.
– List of forums and blogs that you can post into.
– Useful keyword list that you can utilize for PPC or SEO campaigns.
– The sample of the message that you can post into the social media sites.

Inboxr Bonus #2: SEO Success Blueprint

It is no secret that search engine plays an important role for the internet traffic. In fact, the majority of websites that you and I know today are found initially thanks to the search engines.

This is the reason that we as online marketers should learn and master the SEO techniques first. In fact, if you don’t know at least the basics of SEO, you will fail in your journey for online success.

You don’t need to become a techie geek with years of experience to get ranked on Google or Bing. You just need to know exactly what you are doing. In other words, you must know the basic concepts of SEO.

This SEO Success Blueprint has the answers if you want to know the SEO basics. While it is not suitable for SEO professionals, it is geared for newbie and intermediate marketers. Once you know how to get ranked for easier keywords, it will be easy to move on and then target even harder keywords.

What’s inside this course:
– An overview of SEO and why it is important.
– Content is the king. Find out the right way to craft your content so it will impress both search engines and readers.
– On-page SEO factors that you need to know and include in your website content and structure.
– Backlink plays the important role to determine your ranking and this is why you should be getting them.
– Proven social media marketing strategies for steady traffic and powerful backlinks.
– Top article directories that you can post into, then get the traffic, as well as the backlinks from.
– Press release marketing methods that you should learn and implement for easy traffic from news sites, Google news. Plus, the press release will give your website powerful backlinks.
– List of other backlink sources that you should know and leverage from.

Inboxr Bonus #3: WP Sales Robot

There is one reason why I am offering you this plugin. WP Sales Robot is more than just a quality WordPress plugin, it also comes with PLR.

In other words, you can do whatever you wish with this plugin. For example, you can sell it for profit. The sales letter and cover graphics are included. Other than that, you can modify it or rebrand it as a new product.

You can also use this robot for personal use. Just upload the files and then activate it like a normal WordPress plugin. This robot will work for you to bring both traffic and sales.

This is how the WP Sales Robot works:
1. Once activated, the plugin will prompt a message to your visitors offer a coupon code in exchange for Facebook likes. A coupon code is a special code where customers can apply during the checkout to get the same product at a lower price.

2. Most customers will surely share the website on Facebook. This is the chance for them to save money. As the result, you will get more traffic from Facebook.

3. Then, your customers will also apply the coupon code and purchase something before leaving your website. People who already receive a discount offer won’t think twice before buying.

4. Finally, you will end up with even more sales. Then, the cycle goes on and on. Think about it like snowball effects.

Inboxr Bonus #4: Niche Authority Gold

One thing that stops most people from making the real money online, is the niche research part. Many people, especially beginners tend to pick an oversaturated niches, like the business, weight loss, travel, and technology.

As the result, they fail to get the traffic due to high competition. Even if somehow they manage to get traffic, they fail to earn the real money.

The reason is simple – lots of products or courses out there lack in the niche research part. These courses fail to connect between low competition niches, and then the products that they want to sell.

Niche Authority Gold is different. This course is going to expose the methods of researching for a profitable niche on a new angle. Even better, this course is going to reveal the secrets to find less competitive niches, but still highly profitable.

Everyone can follow and understand the concepts inside the Niche Authority Gold course – this product is presented in video format. So, all you need to do is download and then play the videos at your phase.

Lessons that you are going to learn from this course:
– Top mistakes when comes to niche research.
– Know and develop the right kind of mindset.
– Begin the process with a niche that you are passionate about.
– The correct techniques to uncover profitable niches in topics that you are not familiar about.
– Broad brush and narrow beam approach methods. Discover when to use both methods to your advantage.
– Top 10 niche research tools that are widely used by successful marketers.
– Finding niches for affiliate marketers.
– 3 ways to craft, publish and sell your own niche products fast.

The Niche Authority Gold comes with master resell rights, together with sales letter and graphics. Therefore, if you like this course, others would too. Feel free to sell this product to your existing customers. Then, keep 100% of its profits. You will be proud to introduce this quality course to customers.

Inboxr official website

How to claim the above bonus offers:
1. The bonus pack above are avaialable only when you purchase inboxr from this website. Click here to get started.

2.  Once the payment is complete, compose an email, please state your Paypal transaction ID together with the date of purchase. Send the email to support[at]ironwoodacres.com.

Thanks for reading – John.

Inboxr official website

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