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Funnel Clips review

Funnel Clips Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of Funnel Clips product

Funnel Clips is done-for-you video clips for the sales letter. If you are selling digital products online, then you should include a video in the sales letter.

But, here’s the problem – most marketers are struggling to craft quality, stunning video in the sales page. While they can create a high-quality product, they don’t know how to sell it.

If this was your problem, then you will be needing the Funnel Clips product. Just include the animated video in your sales letter. Then, you can expect the conversion rates to increase up to 20% – 30%. If you want to save a lot of time (and money) on video sales letter, Funnel Clips software can help you, a lot.

Product Funnel Clips launch date: October 24th, 2018

Visit the Funnel Clips official website | Read our Funnel Clips review 

Why use Funnel Clips?

You can create your own sales video from scratch, Funnel Clips product will make your entire project much easier. This is a set of done-for-you videos.
– No need to tweak and test the conversion rates.
– Save your money on paying for expensive copywriter.
– Reduce days or even weeks of time on video sales letter. Why create those from scratch, while you can have all of them done for you?

Funnel Clips will fix the conversion rates problems by changing your sales letter conversion rates. In fact, these videos have been tested to make up to 14% conversion rates.

OTO 2 Video Clip: This video will turn your buyers into repeat buyers. The trick to offer them a second upgrade in a different, convincing manner.

OTO 3 Video Clip: It is not often, but some entrepreneurs do include a third OTO in their funnels. If you need the videos which fit the third OTO, this is the one that you can use. Other than that, you can also use this video on the 4th or 5th OTO.

Resell Rights Offer Video Clip: Selling MRR or PLR products is one easy way to make the money. If you want to sell products with resell rights, then you can use this video. It will explain more about resell rights products and its benefits.

Part 2: The training manual:

The “Sales Funnels Made Easy” manual is included with this product. Therefore, if you have a little or zero experience in creating your own sales funnels, this manual will be very useful. It is presented in PDF format, so you can read it quickly and then take action.

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