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Affilistores review

AffiliStores Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of AffiliStores product

AffiliStores is the 1-click e-commerce store builder for affiliate marketers. If you are selling physical products online as an affiliate, AffiliStores is the best solution for you. I will the reasons in this Affilistores review.

Getting started with e-commerce? Go for affiliate marketing
E-commerce is one big business these days. Thanks to today’s internet speed, people can easily purchase online rather than at a shopping mall. In the future, e-commerce will be bigger than ever. If you don’t start an ecom website this year, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

This is where Affilistores comes in. Affilistores is the perfect ecom solution for beginners.
– You don’t need to find the products. All the products will be provided and shipped by your merchants.
– Affilistores will make things easier for you by automatically searching and returning best-selling products from e-commerce giants like Amazon or eBay.
– Forget learning WordPress or HTML. Affilistores will automatically create the websites for you within a few clicks.
– No hassle to pay for a web hosting. You can build a stunning website and then drive traffic to it by using the Affilistores server.

Click here to visit the Affilistores official website

Affilistores review – see what’s inside, the features and more

What makes AffiliStores different?

AffiliStores is more than just about Amazon affiliate marketing. You have the ability to integrate the e-commerce site with all popular e-commerce affiliate networks. These include Commission Junction, Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, Shop.com or even eBay.

Once you set up a website by using AffiliStores, your website is 100% ready to get the traffic and then monetize. All the important features and functions related to traffic and monetization are included. These include social sharing buttons, video sharing function and search engine optimization.

What’s included with the Affilistores?

Affilistores will design a stunning website for you:

Tons of stunning website themes to choose from: Learning how to build your own website is one of the biggest challenge for beginners. Even if you know about HTML, WordPress or PHP, you still require a lot more time to design a beautiful website. Forget all that. With Affilistores, you will have the option to design, select and even customize the look and feel of your websie.

Mobile-ready websites at your fingertips: A lot more people are using smartphones or tablets to browse the web these days. Hence, there are a lot of traffic (and money) to be made from the mobile traffic. So, why leave the money on the table? Just use one of your favorite theme within the Affilistores dashboard and you will have the website 100% mobile ready.

No hassle to pay for a web hosting: Finding the right web hosting is a big problem even for experienced business person. We understand your problem, and that is why, the Affilistores allows you to host your website on its server. Yes, no need to pay for a web hosting. You can use the sub-domain name of the Affilistores and send the traffic to it.

The Affilistores software also comes with powerful AI system:

The content is updated automatically: Affilistores is run by an AI system that will automatically add products and content into the website. Therefore, if you are very busy, this function will be very useful. New products, description, price and more are added into the ecom website on daily or weekly basis.

DFY product management: Once the product is added, each product is listed automatically inside a relevant category. After that, appropriate tags will be added as well. As the result, your visitors can easily find and buy relevant products from you.

Traffic generation functions are included:

Get the search engine friendly website with just a click: Let’s face the fact that learning and mastering SEO is hard. So, why make it complicated? Affiliatestores will automatically optimize your ecom website for better Google ranking.

Get easier, free traffic from Facebook: Facebook is the #1 traffic goldmine these days. Best of all, if you know how to use it properly, Facebook will drive tons of free, targeted traffic for you. Affilistores will make the promotion part much easier for you, by including tons of sharing and commenting features in the ecom store. You can include the Facebook commenting, sharing and even the Facebook Ads Pixel into the store.

Conversion and profit boosting features are also included:

Keep the existing customers by collecting their emails: People are less likely to purchase from their first visits. Instead, you need to remind them about the product from time to another. This is why, you should use the Affilistores system, since it allows you to collect a lot of email contacts from the existing traffic. Then, you can keep sending them the promotion from time to another.

The slider will highlight the best products and increase more sales: A special, built-in slider will be added to your ecom website after being built. This slider will highlight the best products of the week or month, and then attract more customers to it.

The ability to integrate with a lot more affiliate networks: You can use Amazon if you want, but in some niches, you cannot find appropriate products to sell from Amazon. So, why limit your profit potential? With Affilistores, you can easily (and automatically) add unlimited products, not only from Amazon but also from alternative networks. These include Commission Junction, eBay, Shop.com, AliExpress, Walmart.

Earn more commissions by selling digital products: Other than physical products, Affilistores websites can be monetized by selling digital products from networks like Clickbank, Paydotcom or Warrior Plus. While these websites are not selling physical products, they can give you more options to profit from the Affilistores system.

Monetize the traffic with ads. Make even more money into your pocket: Some people have hard time selling the products as an affiliate. One of the reasons would be their traffic source. If this is your problem, then Affilistores will solve that for you. All you need to do is include the ID from your Google Adsense account. Then, you can easily profit from the traffic once people click on your ads.

Sell the products in any niche that you can imagine: Some niches are easier to profit than the other. It all depends on you and the traffic source. Affilistores creators understand this, and this is why, you can select products and website themes from any niche imaginable.

Done-for-you system is included: As the Affilistores customer, you will have access and resell rights to the Smart Funnelz system. This is actually one hot-selling products in the past few months. In other words, not only you can use the Smart Funnelz system, but also to sell it to others. Promotion materials like email swipes are included. If you wish an easy money, this is the way to go.

Training and support are provided to all customers:

The training videos are provided: What good a system if you can’t use it properly? While experienced users don’t have problem with the Affilistores software, but for newbies, that’s another story. This is why, all Affilistores customers will be given access to hours of training videos. These videos will guide you from A to Z about affiliate marketing, traffic generation, list building. Most importantly, the training videos are totally practical since all the tools are provided to Affilistores buyers.

US based support system is included: The support system is vital in some situations. If you need help, then don’t worry. The Affilistores customers will be guided properly with a professional support system.

My killer Affilistores bonus, with MRR and PLR

As a way to say thanks, I offer you my bonus below. While they are not included with Affilistores, they will add more value to your purchase.

After you’ve made the purchase, please send an email to me, John. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Affilistores Bonus #1: SEO Success Blueprint

One thing that stopped most people from making money online, is the fact they fail to get targeted traffic. With so many traffic sources online, you might think: which one is the best traffic source? And the answer is: search engine traffic.

For good reasons:
– People enter relevant keywords on search engines. So, you know what they really need and you can deliver the most helpful product to them.
– Search engines are big brands. They are not small companies and not dead. Hence, if you master SEO, you can build a solid business model for the longer term.
– The traffic is free if your website appears on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo.

SEO Success Blueprint is the first course that you should go for if you are new into SEO. While there could be tons of methods or tips on SEO out there, they are less suitable for newbies.

This blueprint, on the other hand, is a compilation from A to Z on SEO:
– Introduction to SEO and its relation to your website structure.
– Learn the on-page SEO techniques.
– Find out why content is the king and how you should deliver the content to your website visitors.
– Discover why link building is essential to SEO and how can you start the link building process.
– Article marketing, and its relationship with traffic and SEO.
– Social media marketing strategies that you should implement for more traffic, and Google ranking.
– The importance of including alt tag on all of your images. Find out how this tactic can help you get more traffic from Google image search.
– The press release marketing strategy that people like you and I can implement. Steal even more traffic from news sites, Google news and press release sites.

Affilistores Bonus #2: Alibaba Profit System

Do you want to make the real money with e-commerce business? Who wouldn’t? E-commerce is a big industry these days and it is getting even bigger. If you don’t catch up with this latest trend soon, you will leave a lot of money on the table.

The Alibaba Profit System video series is a comprehensive e-commerce course. However, its focus mainly on the Alibaba website and not others. Alibaba is the biggest online wholesaler, and you cannot grow a real e-commerce business without it.

The following are the list of chapters inside the Alibaba Profit System:
Overview: A quick glance of Alibaba, the pros and cons of using it.

Getting started: This video will explain the Trade Assurance account, why it is important and how to set it up.

Finding a product to sell: You don’t want to pick any random product and then sell it just like that. You will want to sell only products that people need and will buy. This video will explain how to find good products to sell, its criteria and the information that you should look for inside the Alibaba website.

Tips to reduce the risk as a buyer: There are a lot of companies and sellers inside the Alibaba marketplace. This part will teach you how to reduce the risk of getting scammed by anyone in the marketplace.

Start by contacting suppliers: In order to make your business works, you need to start by asking the suppliers a few questions. This chapter will go into details about this part.

Testing your samples: Watch the video and learn how to test one product sample.

Moving Forward With An Order Once Your Sample Checks Out: Once you’ve tested the samples, it is time to negotiate with the seller. There are a few things that you should keep in mind and do. This part of the course will explain in details the techniques and questions that you need to ask.

Placing Your Order Using The Online Order Form From Alibaba: Watch how to place your order by using the online order form inside Alibaba. This video will also explain why using the existing order form is the best and safest way to order from this website.

Making payment: Now that your order is ready, it is time to make the payment. This chapter will show you, step-by-step on how to make a secure payment via Alibaba payment gateway.

Having Your Products Shipped: Now that the products arrived at your address, what you should do with it? It is time to sell it, of course. That’s why it is super important that you watch the entire video of this chapter. It will explain how to use Amazon FBA program, how to sell the product on your website.

When your products arrive: This is a complete checklist on what to look inside the box once the product arrived. You will want to record the entire unboxing process by using a video.

Conclusion: Summary of the entire video series.

Affilistores Bonus #3: Shopify Blueprint

Just like the Alibaba Profit System above, Shopify Blueprint is also another e-commerce course. While Alibaba Profit System is about getting the suppliers, Shopify is about selling the product. That is by creating an online store using the Shopify software.

List of chapters inside this video course:

Shopify at a glance: This part is an overview of the Shopify system, comparison with other software and why Shopify is the best when comes to an e-commerce shopping cart.

Getting Started With Shopify: This part is about pricing. The video will explain the difference between each plan, from monthly payment to the yearly payment. You need to choose wisely to match your needs and maintain your budget.

Shopify Dashboard: The dashboard is the heart of your Shopify system. The beauty of this course is the fact it is presented in video format. Hence, you can watch over the shoulders on how to configure the store right from Shopify dashboard.

How to set up your Shopify e-store: While using other e-commerce platforms is somewhat hard, that’s not the case with Shopify. In fact, all you need to do is use the existing template, activate and your store is good to go.

How To Identify Hot Selling Products: This part is about market research. You don’t want to pick just any product that doesn’t sell well. You will want to research for the demand properly first before selling those in your store. This part will teach you how to use free tools to research market demands and sell relevant products.

How To Create a Buy Button / Shopping Cart: You cannot make the money if you don’t set up the payment processor correctly. Just watch this video and learn, step-by-step how to set up the payment processor and shopping cart. All the important steps are presented in the video, so it is super easy to understand.

Launching Your E-Store: This section is about launching the store and get the traffic. This part is very exciting since you can watch how the online store is making money within a few hours.

Other Money Making Ideas: If you don’t have your own product to sell, then you can sell other people’s products via a Shopify store. For example, you can do drop shipping within the store. Other than that, you can also include affiliate links and sell other’s products as an affiliate.

How To Migrate Your Shop From Bigcommerce To Shopify: Another cool feature of Shopify is the fact you can migrate from other platforms into Shopify. If you have an existing store and want to migrate, watch this entire module and learn how to migrate from Bigcommerce to Shopify.

Affilistores Bonus #4: Pinterest Power

Pinterest Power is a basic course about Pinterest marketing. You’ve heard about Pinterest, but the question is, how to profit from it? Marketing on Pinterest is somewhat different when compared to marketing on Facebook or Instagram.

If you are not familiar with these, worry not. The Pinterest Power course will explain in details all the steps need to be taken.

Pinterest Power is an easy-to-understand PDF book that will outline all the info that you should know about Pinterest traffic. Those include the target audience, the right offer to promote, automation, features and functions of Pinterest plus a lot more.

Affilistores Bonus #5: WP Sales Robot

WordPress Sales Robot is a quality PLR product. If you are looking for a PLR product that you can be proud to sell, WP Sales Robot is the answer.

Unlike other WordPress plugin, WP Sales Robot will solve the conversion problem. Now, we all know that getting the traffic to our website is hard enough. However, it is even more frustrating when the traffic doesn’t convert.

WP Sales Robot will boost your conversion rates by offering a special coupon code to the visitors. In other words, when your visitors are about to leave, they will be presented with a limited-time discount code. This will increase the sales rates since smart consumers don’t want to lose a chance to save money.

Even better, you can also add more traffic by telling the visitors to share the website on Facebook. All of these features and functions can be configured within the WordPress admin area.

Other than that, sales letter, cover graphics, marketing materials and PLR is included. So, you can sell this product as your own and then keep 100% of its profits.

Affilistores Bonus #6: High Ticket Authority Gold

Let’s face the fact that getting rich online is hard. Yes, if you are selling a product which pays $20 per sale, then it will be hard to make a lot of money.

However, what if you can sell a product which makes you $2,000 or even $10,000 per sale? If this is the case, you don’t need to find a lot of customers every day. You just need to make one sale or two per month in order to make one year salary.

That is what High Ticket Authority Gold is all about. This product is a compilation of video series and then a complete toolset to sell a high ticket product.

What’s included in this product:
– Video tutorials: Watch over the shoulders on how this system works and how you can close the sale.
– Presentation and audio files: These files are used in the video tutorials above. It is for easier reference on your part.
– The upsell page: Find out how to convert people during the buying mode with upsells.
– 7-day autoresponder series: This is samples of an autoresponder that you can send to your mailing list.
– Special report: A done-for-you report to entice others and make them subscribe to your list.
– Affiliate toolbox page: You can attract affiliate partners to promote for you. This page is a complete time saver since you don’t need to set up and figure out everything on your own.
– Social media swipe kit: Sample of messages that you can post on Facebook, Twitter and forums.
– Top forums and blogs. Forums are a great place to promote your product and brands. This file will list the top forums where you can sell the products or invite affiliate partners.
– Keywords: If you want to attract the traffic from Google, use this keyword list. Again, this will save a lot of your time on keyword research.
– Cover graphics and sales letter. High Ticket Authority Gold comes with MRR. So, you can easily sell this product and keep 100% of its profits. Sales letter and other relevant materials are included, so it is an easy sell.

How to claim these bonuses:
1.  The above bonus files are exclusive only to those who bought Affilistores product from this website. Click here to purchase Affilistores product.

2. Compose an email with the subject “Send me Affilistores bonus”. Please include the Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase for verification.

3. Send the email to support[at]ironwoodacres.com. Replace [at] with @.


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